. ang mataba, PUMAPAYAT…
ang panget well, sorry kanalang…
hahahaha! :-P
. good eve ! :D
- - - - -

#i love you all guys… :-* (^_^)

it’s me.. :)))

it’s me.. :)))

anong color ang gusto mo?

anong color ang gusto mo?

. If you love someone, 
be a warrior, fight for it…
. But if that someone loves someone else,
be a soldier… 
kill them both…..
boom! :D
#do you love me??? ^_^

… . . Don’t lose yourself
trying hold on to someone
who doesn’t care about
losing you… . 
#Gold_01 ! :D

——- kailangan ko magbago..
dahil yan ang tadhana ko…. :D

Just because we don’t talk doesn’t mean
I don’t think about you. I’m just trying to distance myself
because I know I can’t have you..:’(

——-when you are really in love with one person,..
you are going to stay faithful no matter how strong
the “TEMPTATION” is… . 

#yohooo ! ^_^

.” sometimes you need to forget what you fell
and remember what you deserve,..”

# I am ! ^_^

,” sa relasyon, pataasan dapat ng “PASENSYA” hindi ng “PRIDE”…

#Gold_01 ! whooo! ^_^